Principal's Welcome Message

Come on in to Cummings! It’s a wonderful place to be. Here at Cummings we house three sections of each grade, kindergarten through sixth. We also house a Young Kindergarten class, a Special Education Resource Room, as well as a few sections of Community Education Preschool. Our students enjoy their education from the fantastic teachers and support staff we have in our school. Our main curriculum focus is on English Language Arts (reading and writing), Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. All of our students also participate in Physical Education, Art, and Music instruction each week. We are a one-to-one technology school. All of our students in kindergarten through second grade have their own iPads that are housed here at school. All of our third through sixth grade students each have their own Chromebook device. Our staff is committed to the education and well-being of each child.

I have been with Grandville Public Schools for three decades. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and my Master’s Degree in Elementary Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University. Go Lakers! I taught for twelve years here at Cummings before becoming a principal. I taught second grade, fourth grade, and a year of Young Kindergarten at Riverbend, where I also served as principal for one year. I then was assigned as the principal at West Elementary where I spent nine years. I was thrilled to be placed back at Cummings. Cummings is my home in Grandville and I love working with the students, their families, the staff, and our amazing community members.

Here at Cummings we have a very strong Positive Behavior Support Plan and philosophy. We teach our students all to be “Above The Line.” To be “Above The Line," students must always be Respectful, Responsible, Productive, Safe, and Nice. We also have a very active and strong Parent Teacher Committee (PTC), who is dedicated to our school and staff. Our PTC does so much to make our school a special place to be. We are also very blessed to have a wonderful relationship with Standale Reformed Church. They provide many of our students with opportunities to enhance their education and character development right here at our school. They also offer a wonderful before and after school daycare option right down the road from our school in which we do provide transportation.

At Cummings we want our students to become well-educated and productive citizens into their adulthood. We love our school and welcome you to learn more about us. Feel free to contact me to arrange a tour or meeting.
Yours in Learning,
Principal Dave Martini
Cummings Elementary