May 2018 News

Field Day

Field Day will be held this year on Friday, May 25. Here is the schedule for each grade level on that Friday:
9-10 am:  Gr. 4, 5
10-11 am:  Gr. 2, Kdg.    
1-2 pm:  Gr. 1, 6
2-3 pm:  YK, Gr. 3

Kindergarten Open House

There will be another open house in August when our incoming kindergarten students will be able to meet their teachers, take a short ride on a school bus and experience eating in our cafeteria.  More information regarding this event will be mailed out this summer.  If you have not already enrolled your student, please do so as soon as possible at

Warm Weather, Dress Code & Flip Flops

As the weather finally warms up, the number of flip-flops at school will start to increase. Unfortunately, so will the number of toe injuries requiring first-aid. Also, flip flops break easily and we do not have ways to repair them. Please send shoes or sandals that provide some protection for your child while they are playing on the playground.
Please be aware that shirts with thin “spaghetti straps” that expose shoulders are not permissible unless they are worn under a sweatshirt or top. Anything that exposes the midriff on boys or girls is not permitted, and shorts must be appropriate in length (mid-thigh on down). Bandanas and hats are also prohibited from being worn in the building during the school day. These policies are in effect to ensure the best learning environment possible for our students.

Class Assignments for 2018-19

Our students in grades K-5 will once again have the opportunity to meet their teacher for next year and also visit the classroom they will be assigned to in the fall. This special event will be held on the morning of the last day of school (June 1). Teachers will distribute notes with supply suggestions at that time to allow parents plenty of time to gather supplies over the summer.
If your child/children will not be attending Cummings next year, please call the office at 254-6041 and let us know as soon as possible. This will help us effectively plan for the upcoming school year. Thank you!

Health Notes

Please make a note on your calendar now to pick up the medications your child has had at school this year. We do not carry medications and/or health plans over from one year to the next. All medications must be picked up before Wednesday, June 9, or they will be destroyed.
Also, remember to plan to obtain new medication orders and/or health plans over the summer. Forms can be obtained on the district website. If you have any questions about which form to print, please review the first document on the link: “Which Form to Use."
If your child has a serious health concern, please make sure that this information is communicated to school before the first day, so we are prepared to assist your child if the need arises. 

Bus Transportation

If you have an address change, daycare pickup/drop-off information or anything important to share regarding bus transportation for next year, please contact our Transportation Department at 254-6530 any time during the summer so they can update their records. Information regarding your child’s transportation will be posted on the Parent Portal later this summer.
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