Professional Wordsmith, Rick Chyme

Our 6th Grade students had the opportunity this week to work with Mr. Rick Chyme!  Rick Chyme is a professional wordsmith who creates Hip Hop / Wrap music that he writes in the hopes of motivating and inspiring his listeners.  Rick talked with our 6th graders about having a positive attitude in life, putting out positive energy to others, being kind to others at all times, believing in themselves and their own abilities.  He also discussed the importance of learning and school in general, as well as appreciating all our opportunities in life to learn from them and grow.  Rick talked about the importance to push through tough times and schoolwork.  He shared with the students how to clear their heads and let their passions out through writing.  The first day they did a lot of free writing and learning how to channel their energy and thinking to the written word.  He will be following up with them at a second assembly to dive further into their writing and the writing process.  Rick is also known for “Having the most glorious beard in music history!”  Our students were able to enjoy this assembly in thanks to their teacher, Mrs. Clark, and our PTC.  Mrs. Clark wrote a grant to our PTC that they approved and we were able to bring Rick Chyme to our school!  Thank You PTC!


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